Why I Hate Mother’s Day

Motherhood was not something thrust upon me – I welcomed it willingly, joyfully. And, while I view motherhood as a blessing, I know it’s a job.  In fact, it’s the only job that comes with the guarantee of lifetime employment.

I detest the idea that there is one specific day set aside to “honor” mothers. If we do our jobs well, the rewards are frequent and easily apparent. Our children become what we dream them to be. And in those rare cases when they don’t, it just means we should adjust our expectations a little and hold on to hope a little harder.

I don’t want to be thanked, offered flowers or taken out to some special meal.  Instead, I want my children to do well in school, be kind to others especially those who are less fortunate, to seek knowledge always and be respectful of those who are different. I want them to be open-minded, to choose good and to continue to hold their Catholic faith in their hearts – even if they become seekers or stray from the “institution” of the Church. Above all else, I want them to believe in the person of Jesus and His message of peace and love.

To date, I would like to think I’ve done a pretty good job.  My sons are honorable young men, respectful and wonderfully talented. They are intelligent, artistic and kind-hearted. They have an amazing sense of justice. They are certainly not perfect, but they give me reason to celebrate Mother’s Day every day. My husband does too.  Because, without his love and support, my job would be twice as hard and far less fulfilling.